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However, they make it clear which questions or comments are non-blocking or unimportant, marking them distinctively. They are explicit when approving a change – e.g. adding a thumbs up comment like “looks good! Some places use acronyms like LGTM—these also work, but be aware that newcomers could misinterpret these insider acronyms for something else. Good code reviews are equally explicit when they are requesting a follow-up, using the code review tool or team convention to communicate this. They know that the person writing the code spent a lot of time and effort on this change.

But solving dependencies like this will make the life of both teams easier and their progress more efficient for the long term, meaning the return on investment is often quite impressive. Better code reviews pay additional attention to making the first few reviews for new joiners a great experience. Reviewers are empathetic to the fact that the recent joiner might not be aware of all the coding guidelines and might be unfamiliar with parts of the code. These reviews put additional effort into explaining alternative approaches and pointing to guides. They are also very positive in tone, celebrating the first few changes to the codebase that the author is suggesting.

During code reviews, you can not only demonstrate your skills and knowledge but also mentor other developers and contribute to the team’s success. Nothing worse than investing time in code reviews and not getting valuable feedback.

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Are the changes done in the right codebase or should another system be changed? Will the frequency of changes be the same or go down over time? Assuming the changes are done in the right codebase and the frequency will not go down, can the cross-office dependency be broken in some way? Solutions to these kinds of problems are often not simple and could involve refactoring, creating of new services/interfaces or tooling improvements.

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Better code reviews notice when code reviews repeatedly run into timezone issues and look for a systemic solution, outside the code review framework. Let’s say a team from Europe is frequently changing a service that triggers code reviews from the US-based owner of this service. The system-level question is why these changes are happening so frequently.

I have seen teams, where each team member was added to each of the code review of the extended team by default (+70 people). Or in the worst case, you have several of your engineers spending their time looking through hundreds of code reviews to figure out if it’s relevant for them.

Better code reviews realize that too many nitpicks are a sign of lack of tooling or a lack of standards. Reviewers who come across these frequently will look at solving this problem outside the code review process. For example, many of the common nitpick comments can be solved via automated linting. Those that cannot can usually be resolved by the team agreeing to certain standards and following them—perhaps even automating them, eventually. Good code reviews don’t approve changes while there are open-ended questions.

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